Love Not Smoking
Forget willpower and withdrawal it's time to discover how you can really Love Not Smoking. 

This ground breaking 6 week programme uses the latest thinking in psychology to help you break your old habits and change your life for good.


'Thank you for this revolutionary and very welcome take on addiction... I've just started the programme and I'm so pleased with the changes I've been able to make to my
habit-driven life'


Giving up smoking can be a lonely business, that's why we've created our Support Groups.  Join us on Facebook and meet fellow quitters, help each other to give up and stay smoke free. Keep up to date with tips and advice on Twitter.


We know you're going to need some help on your 'smoke free' journey so we've created some great Habit Breaking ideas to help you 'do something different'. Click on the arrows to view.  You can also download these as a pdf below.  All 44 Habit Breaker Cards are also available on the
Love Not Smoking App.


We've created this free download to give you a first taste of the Love Not Smoking programme, it covers the theory and research we used to develop the Do Something Different approach to quitting smoking, and shows why our methods really work.
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